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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 - No Easy Transition

The Seymour-Nahikian "partial" move to Washington, DC...and the Chafin Seymour move from OSU to Eastern Parkway & from time to time, Gene - has not been an easy transition. Too many boxes, too many belongings in too many places, too many memories! This  picture which says more than I can possibly write.

Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, September 2012

These folks were inadvertently left homeless after an infamous garage sale - the result of continuing to sort thru our lives.

Chafin spotted these guys, rescued and brought to live on this stoop.

(Most of the blogging action has migrated to - but for the sake of continuity, I thought I would add a couple of things since Gene's last post in June 2012. - Marie)

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