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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Zoology-New Dance from Chafin Seymour

It is a rare moment, but if you move quickly you can see Chafin's latest work on-line.

Zoology is the product of a yearlong immersion and collaboration between the cast and choreographer. Inspired by the music of Animal Collective, the piece is meant to reflect the perspective of a generation of young people with an overwhelmingly positive outlook in an otherwise challenging world. Zoology takes a look at us, not necessarily as animals, but recognizing that our social developments and societal habits are not all that different.

An excerpt will be performed at the Kid's Cafe Festival in Brooklyn on March 3, 2012


Choreography: Chafin Seymour

Dancers: Michael Abbatiello, A.J. Blankenship, Cornelius Hubbard, Alyssa LeRose, Devon Jones Rebecca Quintrell, Cheryl Rosario, Alexandra Runyon, Kathryn Sauma.

Music: Animal Collective compiled and edited by Chafin Seymour

Videography: Dante Brown and Stephanie Danyi
Video Editing: Michael Abbatiello

(Chafin does not usually post his work on-line. This is a special opportunity because this piece has been entered into the Ohio Dance Festival.

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