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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On Friday, May 8, you cannot imagine our surprise when we were greeted by this poster as we walked up to the the Capitol Theatre at the Ohio State Office building.

This piece, Blue Grass, was created by choreographer Susan Hadley, now at the Ohio State University. Blue Grass was originally commissioned in 1998 by Hubbard Street Dance Chicago with support from the Choo San Goh and H. Robert Magee Foundation.

To see the full performance, here is the video.
(Just so you know, the piece is 20+ minutes long.)

Chafin Seymour is the dancer in bright blue shirt and black pants. The other dancers are:
Jolene Bartley, Loganne Bond,Rachael Fullenkamp, Sarah Gibbons, James Graham, Daniel Holt, Kristen Jeppsen, Leigh Lotocki, Jeff Marras, Michelle Maroon, Lauren Smith and Sherrell Whitmire. Music is by Marc O'Connor & muscians.


  1. This gives me cold exciting. I pray you now own one of the posters! Congratulations to Chafin. It is very obvious that you are thriving at OSU. I can see this name in blazing lights for the world to enjoy this talent. I am proud! Love, Aunt Marta

  2. Thank you so much for letting me view this. The only thing better would have been to be in the audience screaming BRAVO. I didn't think I wanted anything for my birthday but now I know what I dance with Chafin.
    Dub's human