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Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad Dogs

With today’s entry, we initiate a new department: The Bad Dog List. When something or someone bothers The Year of the Mutt, we shall respond post-haste with a toss of the keys and a wagging finger of reproach. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that our stern calls of “Bad Dog!” will make our selections stay or sit, much less correct their unruly actions. But you have to let a Mutt know when she’s engaged in improper conduct. So here’s the first of what will, by year’s end, be a very long list of Very Bad Dogs:

As many of you have heard by now, Tuesday’s History-Making Event was ruined for thousands of ticketed would-be spectators who waited and waited and waited and waited for what seemed like eons (six-to-seven hours in 11-degree wind chill smushed with other cold, sullen humans qualifies as at least an eon) only to be told, as they approached their respective entrances with an hour before show time, that there were no more people, with or without tickets, being admitted.
Among the many galling things about this situation was the lack of substantial information being put forth by those allegedly in charge of the inauguration as to the reasons for the lengthy delays. For those holding blue tickets, for instance, rumors of a broken metal detector floated through the crowd, though there were still no indications given as to whether those blue ticket-holders should call it a day well before being locked out and find a warm place to watch the swearing-in.
Things were reportedly worse for those holding purple tickets, many of whom were actual Obama campaign workers. Those poor folks were forced to huddle together in an underground pedestrian tunnel for hours and hours before being told to leave – which, even for those ticket holders fortunate enough to have gotten cleared and seated for the ceremonies, was just as arduous an ordeal.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who chaired the whole party offered apologies and promises to investigate. Sorry, but both ring pretty hollow to those who yearned to share in an unprecedented moment in our nation’s life. We hear there are going to be “consolation prizes” being offered to those who have unused tickets. OK, we’re consoled. We would still rather have been close enough to see Aretha’s hat.
BAD DOG, INAUGURAL COMMITTEE – and that goes for the Secret Service and the Capitol Police, too!

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